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Tar and Chip Driveway

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Tar and chip is a substance that is very hot, like the asphalt paving mixture, and is applied to a gravel base. On top of the first layer another two layers of a crushed stone will be applied and spread evenly throughout and sealed with the hot asphalt. Tar and chip gives unique look and allows room for customization. This technique is usually popular amongst driveways and offers a low cost and is low maintenance. Tar and chip Austin is will not need to be sealed often and small imperfections such as small cracks will mend themselves when the tar becomes very warm. Tar and chip is efficient, cost effective and one of the most diverse types of driveways.



Tips on selecting a Tar and Chip Driveway in Austin from the Pros

Evaluating a Tar and Chip Driveway

Understanding both the pros and cons associated with a tar and chip driveway can help you determine if it is something you should pursue. You want to make a confident decision, and it all starts with gathering the facts. This type of project is known by many other names too. They include chip and seal and seal chip. It is all the same process and it may be a better alternative than asphalt, gravel, or concrete.

There is a very good chance you have seen plenty of tar and chip projects out there. They include driveways and parking lots. Not only will it help the surface to last a very long time, but it is a great way to reduce the cost involved. It is significantly less expensive than asphalt. It also offers a surface that is solid, unlike what you will get with gravel.

The texture of a tar and chip driveway is rough rather than smooth. The benefit of this is it allows you to have a grip when the surface is wet from rain or snow. Concreate can become very slippery, increase the risk of a fall. This process involves paving the surface with stone and a liquid form of asphalt.


Maintenance of a Tar and Chip Driveway in Austin, Texas

One of the advantages of tar and chip driveways is you don’t have to do much maintenance for it to continue looking great. Asphalt surfaces will need routine upkeep on a regular basis. This can result in additional costs you didn’t budget for. The downside though is it can be difficult to remove snow and ice from a tar and chip driveway surface. Using a shovel is the best way to remove it. If you use a plower, make sure it is high enough not to scrape the surface. You can also rely on a snowblower. Fortunately, these aren’t problems we have to worry about in the greater Austin, Texas area!

Longevity of Chip and Seal Driveway Installations

Even though tar and chip driveways don’t need much maintenance, their live span won’t exceed 10 years. It can be as little as 7 years before you need to add additional layers of stones and tar. It all depends on the conditions where you reside. The quality of the work done will also influence how long it is going to last.

Price a Seal and Chip Driveway

The cost for a tar and chip driveway is much less than other materials and methods. The exception is a gravel driveway which is about half the price.


The process is very simple in order to create a tar and chip driveway. The base is the gravel and it is going to be added and then leveled out. The hot asphalt in a liquid form will be poured on top of it. Next, a layer of stones that are loose and various sizes will be added. A roller is used to go over all of it and form the surface.

Since a tar and chip driveway can be installed over other materials, you can also save money on the preparation. The older materials won’t have to be removed unless they are deemed to be in very poor shape. You always want a good foundation to put the tar and chip driveway on top of.


Talk to the provider about selecting the types of stones that will be used for your top layer. They can influence the overall look. They should have various colors, sizes, and other features for you to evaluate. They will determine the finished appearance of the tar and chip driveway. You may have to search a bit before you find a provider in your area offering this specific service. Make sure you also verity their experience and their reputation for such work before you hire them. You want the appearance to look great and the tar and chip driveway to be fully functional.

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